07 February 2018

Russia Pushes More ‘Deep State’ Hashtags

After the success of the viral #ReleaseTheMemo campaign,
Russian-influenced Twitter accounts are test-running other hashtags designed to stoke anger -particularly among supporters of President Donald Trump- against 'deep state' forces, according to analysts at Hamilton 68,
a website that tracks Russian-influenced Twitter accounts...

31 January 2018

‘Trump is ours again!’ Russian TV Celebrates as Trump Refuses to Enforce New Sanctions

Raw Story:
Russia's state television channel seems to be happy with President Donald Trump’s decision to not enforce sanctions against Russia that were overwhelmingly approved by both houses of Congress... 

27 January 2018

The Russia threat is REAL-
and It Matters

The he Russians are coming! 

Except they aren't. Though they already have a bit. And they might well be coming a bit more soon. This is how very bad things happen. 

The threat posed by Russia to Western interests is unlike anything seen since the 1990s. It has forces or proxies deployed in Syria, Ukraine and, don't forget, parts of what's still called Georgia. There is smoke, but there is also fire and daily there is a lot of fuel being added...

Sean Hannity Receives Promotion

from Kremlin

19 January 2018

'In the party of Lincoln, there is NO room
for intolerance... and not even a small corner
for anti-Semitism or bigotry of any kind'